The Dissection

The Dissection, 2020. Collage, 73×83 cm.

Like in many other spheres, humans have approached the physics of living beings by dividing them into smaller, graspable compounds. By the study of intestines, the dissection of muscles or the performing of autopsies on washed up cadavers, a sense of control is gained, allowing the strange, to be classified and intellectually handled. In a climate of such ambition, the digital photograph was invented, and later gradually refined, in order to cover up the revealing fact, that even when we are not performing it physically, a dissecting gaze on the surrounding world is embedded in every aspect of digitality.

The Dissection, 2020. Collage, 73×83 cm.
Distinction of the feed, 2021. CNC-cut lino print. 72×52 cm.

The vision and the viewed, 2021. Found zinc plate print. 32×44 cm.

Where connection was lost, 2019. Collage
The Plant, 2020. Collage