An oceanic wealth

Harness, 2021. Circuit board, network cables, aluminium, plaster, wood. 

In the installation Harness an odd link is created between fossil-like crab parts casted in aluminium, network cables and archaeological metal trays. The repeated structure of the three cables, running from a wall-hung circuit board, and parallelly extending into amorphous lumps has a resemblance with the harness in a three split horse carriage suggesting some sort of movement or driving force. The circuit board attached to the wall seems to be driven by some kind of energy source rooted inside the lumps or alternatively it capitalizes on the lumps by sucking out data – an exploitation embedded in the title.

Where we will be operating, its cold and dark, 2020. Plaster, aluminium lures, framed photogravure, steel wire,  brass pipe.

Why doesn’t our data, 2020. Photgraph, plexiglass, rope, black ink in glass.

A low hanging fruit, 2020. 3D-rendering, plexiglass, steel wire, aluminium lure.