Tools to line the curved

OK Corral. March 4.-26. 2022

In Western context, there exist an often encountered cultural self-narrative, which claims that it lies in the core of human biology to relate curiously and inquisitively to one’s surroundings. It is this drive, it’s claimed, has been the engine behind the civilizational advances that have created modernity. 

The narrative, however, overshadows another interpretation: that discomfort with the entangled and undetermined has led people to consistently strive to structure the environment around them. Tools have been sought to gain overview and control in a tumultuous world that has been carefully cut, divided and classified over the course of a few centuries.

Yet today, it appears no less chaotic than before. With global supply chains, multinational corporations, internet and high-speed infrastructure, the contemporary world is a jungle of complex interactions and intangible connections. If there is a drive towards something, this is where it’s found, in the feedback loop between the structuring and the unforeseen consequences it throws off.